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Wondering what a template is?

Wondering what a template is? This is what it is.

Templates are pre designed blogs/websites, which allow you to set up, design, create and customize your website with ease.

We love our template and we highly recommend using it. We custom created this template for you and us. We are in this together.

This is why we LOVE our template:

* SEO friendly: SEO means search engine optimization. This allows a higher ranking in the search engines.

* The Blog is a responsive website. This means it will resize to your phone, notepad, Ipad and computer. All aspects of your blog can then be viewed the best way possible.

* Our template allows you to easily drag and drop friendly gadgets where you want them to be on your page.

* Our template allows you to easily drag and drop friendly gadgets, photos and texts where you want them to be on your page. This is great because you do not have to know any coding. (We will be teaching some easy coding that will allow you to jazz up your site)

* This template design can make unique and different designs out of our one template. This allows you an endless possibilities of designs of what you can create on your site.

* This template allows you to customize your page to the way you want it to look. Create looks such as landing pages, journal pages, blog pages, blogger pages, micro blog pages, websites, and more.

* We designed this template for you and your business. This site is your site. This template does not participate in any back linking.

* This template is Google friendly, it does automatic indexing, comes with SSL Security Certificate, google analytics, google add sense, and much more.

* We are here to support you on this journey. We will guide you through the process of setting up this new adventure. We are supplying the necessary skills from start to finish.

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