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Step 3: Picking a template Theme and Theme Preferences.

Step 3: Picking a template Theme and setting your Theme Preferences.

Okay, just a reminder if you haven't done so yet. Go to IncomeBlogerSchool.org and complete

Step 1: Signing for a Gmail account

Step 2: Sign up with Google Blogger or watch the videos at our YouTube channel at IncomeBlogerSchool.org

Okay, back to site Step 3:

Step 3 is about helping you to decide on a template for your blog learning about the layout tab preferences. 

Now, you might find exactly what you're looking for right away but no worries you're just learning today how everything works. Of course after step 3 and step 4 is step 5:
This is where you will be learning what the rest of the blogger tabs can do for you. 
And it's also where you will be spending the majority of your time from now on. 
So go slow and learn each area. It's okay not understand any of this at first as most people do not.
Remember to take your time and learn. Nothing needs to be built today. What is important is that you continue to watch and learn till you do understand. In-case do you did not know: 
Blogger templates are free and with Google blogger and you can change the template to another template for any reason at anytime. The Blogger monthly platform is also free. 
Which means there are no web hosting fee to pay each month. 
Okay, let's get started. 
Open up the Google page and in the upper right-hand corner you need to sign into your Google account. Like I said if you haven't opened your accounts... then check out our videos on step 1 and 2 at IncomeBlogerSchool on Youtube. 
Okay, in the upper right-hand corner next to your name you're going to see the three rows of three dots. Click on the dots to open up the window... Scroll down to where you see the orange B which stands for Blogger and click on the icon.
The program will open to Blogger and you will be on your own blogger template site. Okay now, in the upper left corner you should see the name of your blog or it might say "Create a blog." See the orange "B"? Under the B is name that you have chosen for your blog. 
Underneath that is: 
Settings Reading 
View Blog
We are going to be working with the Layout and Theme tabs today. Click on the word "Layout" This will show the template layout in the middle section of your working area. Now you're going to see the word "gadget" in your template. Everything in this section is done with gadgets. Add a gadget is just a block of information. You can click on the pencil icon and make adjustments to the gadget and or even delete them.
The gadgets are place holders where you will put text and photos with or without links. No worries, we will discuss more about what gadgets can do for you in another article and video. If you delete a gadget they can be added back. You can also left click, hold the click, and drag-and-drop the gadgets wherever you like within the template. A few of the gadgets cannot be moved like the header, or the post itself. This is where you will go through the different template designs and see which one you like to work with the most. 
Remember the middle section will look different depending on the template that you're working with. At the bottom of the left tab column... see the word "View blog" click that link and your blog will open in a new window and you will see what the blog looks like to the public for what you are creating. So when you first begin with your template it will might have a-lot of gadgets and you might be deleting most or all the gadgets.
You can always add another "add a gadget." and if all else fails you can reload the template and start over. Play around and experiment with the layout tabs. Okay, let's move on to the "Theme" tab. You're going to be spending quite a bit of time in the beginning searching for that right template that works best for you.
Remember these are premade templates so you are working within certain parameters but you can still design a terrific blog. Click on the word "Theme" to the left side just below the word "Layout" Again the middle section will change. 
You will see different templates where you can pick the one and give it a try to see if the one works for you. Remember, you can load a template save it, View it, decide if you like it, and if you don't then go save another template over the top of that.
Repeat until you find the pre-made templates that you want to work with. Just under the template design... see the words Preview Customize and Apply Click the word preview and view that template in a new window. Once you have clicked on apply to the theme. From there you can click the down arrow to customize.
Look to the left column the window has changed where you can now customize your blog settings by clicking the "Advanced" tab. Right now you might be a bit overwhelmed by these tabs but take your time and do the previews.
Remember: You can always grab another template. Remember: All you're doing is getting familiar with the templates and the program. 
Okay, one last area to look at.
Take a look at the bottom right corner of your layout you will see a the links:
Save button 
Preview button 
Clear button 
Be sure to click on the "Save button" to save your work.
The rest of the settings we will cover in Step 5.
Because whether you are using a free Blogger template or one of our SEO friendly paid blog templates the system operates in pretty much the same way.
That's it for step 4 and we look forward to seeing what you have created for us. 
Be sure to continue learning at IncomeBlogerSchool.org
Derek Wolf 
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