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One way, Your way, with social media

One way, your way, with social media

What do all social media sites have in common?

They want you to spend as much time as possible scrolling through their newsfeed and they want you to drive your family and friends into the same circle.

Share, like, tweet, subscribe, comment, follow.

Whether we are aware of it or not, social media sites are addictive, both physically and psychologically.

Although these sites can benefit your social life and your business, you need to be careful when it comes to the everyday usage of such platforms. There is a fine line between making these sites work for you and having it the other way around. You want to build an audience who trusts you and who wants to find out more about the topics you are writing about. Social media sites are there to point to your blog, to show people the way to the content on your site. Even if you notice that a photo on your social media gets noticed more often than your blog posts, you need to remember that you hold the attention of people on social media only for a couple of seconds before they get exposed to other information, videos, or photos. They will see your post, like it, maybe even comment it, and most likely - forget about it.

You want people to remember you, to listen to what you have to say. And the best way to do it is to give them access to your content and to point your social media sites to your blog. Don't get fooled by the number of likes. They are usually not building long-term relationships. They can strengthen the connection with your audience, but keep in mind that the first step you have to make is to establish one.

Are social media sites dangerous?

Have you ever noticed how you get distracted every time you post something new on your social media and have the need to check your profile multiple times to see how many people have reacted to your new post, picture or video?
You are trying to stay present in the given moment, but you can't get rid of the impulse to check what's going on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media site. Have you ever wondered why?

Studies have shown that the constant stream of retweets, likes, and shares from these sites affect the brain's reward area to trigger the same kind of chemical reaction as other drugs. When rewards are delivered randomly and checking the rewards is easy (like getting likes and other forms of positive interaction on social media), the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine gets triggered and that sort of behavior becomes a habit.
The social media sites make it difficult for you to figure their program out and figure out the short cuts. Even if you do figure a part of it out, there's a big chance you have wasted your time, as the tech is getting smarter each day and the rules change extremely fast.

Keep one important thing in mind - they want you to want, they NEED you to stay involved, and to invest your time there, that's where the addiction, your addiction, begins. Who are we talking about? Facebook, Youtube, Instagram (owned by Facebook), Twitter, TikTok, Flickr (who still have their stuff together), Pinterest, Esty.

What do they all want from you? Your attention, time, money and much more.

Even the blog platforms work in a similar way, but that's another topic which I'll take you through in one of the following articles, just to make sure you understand what you need to do to protect yourself.
You don't have to feel bad or overwhelmed about this social media madness, but you need to become aware of the impact such sites can and will have on your behavior and health if you don't become conscious about it.
The good news is that once you realize what the good and the bad sides of social media sites are, you will be able to find a way to be in control and to use it in a way that won't harm you and the people around you.

Don't send anyone away from your blog.

Free sign up, buy now, learn more, click here, order now. All of these "take action" buttons are popping up all the time to make sure that you stay engaged. Even when you find a product you would like to purchase; you mostly can't see the price until you travel down the rabbit hole. It's a red and blue pill experience that promises a lot and often leaves you without anything. At least not with the things you wanted.

Here's the message in a nutshell.

You want to send social media sites to your blog.

You don't want to send people away from your blog site and here's why. Imagine you have a store and a buyer decides to buy a product you are selling, so you use the opportunity to tell him not to buy it because there is another store just down the street that sells the same thing. And you give him the address and offer him a ride to the other store. It doesn't sound like something you, as a store owner, should do, does it?

Even if it seems that the situation is not the same with social media, this is exactly how they are doing business. It's called "bait-and-switch" or as Richard Pryor said it best: "Are you going to believe your eyes or what I'm telling you?" Should this type of doing business be called deception or dishonesty? The decision is up to you.

Here is what I want you to know.

We are currently living in an era with so many online possibilities and it's the perfect time to share your vision with others through your blog site. It will be your place, your home on the internet. You want to invite people directly to your house (your blog site) and not have them wandering around the streets (social media sites) trying to figure out where you actually live.

I'm not saying you shouldn't use social media I'm saying let it benefit you too.

The market is changing extremely fast and maybe some of the social sites will change some of their rules in the future. But even if it happens, it will still be their sites, so you will need to learn how to play by their rules and find a way to use it as your advantage. Holding the attention of your audience on your blog site is key. We are going to dive into each program through the articles later, but for now, we are talking about how to save some of the hard work that you have been doing.

Let's start with Facebook.

Let's say you want to share some piece of content with your family and friends on your private Facebook profile. You can write a short, interesting introduction in a few clear sentences, so people know what you are talking about and put a link going back to your blog.

Here's what's important - your post on Facebook won't be visible on the newsfeed for a very long period of time. People will see it and scroll further which gives them a pretty big chance to get distracted by another piece of content posted by someone else. However, the contact on your blog will be constantly visible. You can use it as an advantage and post your pictures right on your blog, alongside the rest of your content. Whenever people visit your blog site, your photos will be visible and won't disappear into the Facebook posting hole. Facebook is a great way of getting people's attention, but you need to keep in mind that the same attention lasts only for a couple of seconds. And you want to use this short period to take them home - to your blog site where they can learn and see more, without any further distractions.

Let's say you made a video for TikTok.

It's unique, funny, and interesting and - it's gone in a few hours or days. But if you put the same piece of content on your blog, it will stay there. What I'm saying is - load the video to TikTok and load the video to your blog. When people find you on TikTok, you want to give them your home address (blog address) which will increase the possibility of creating a long-term relationship with a new follower who will be looking forward to another blog post. The same goes for Youtube.

You can make a YouTube video private but add the video link to your blog to be watched there. Not all videos need to be seen on YouTube and again, you can earn revenue from your blog. If you are not sure how to do it, don't worry. I'm going to take you through all the needed steps in another article. Once you have people browsing through your blog, you can use the opportunity to let them know how to subscribe to your Youtube channel. In this way, you can start working towards generating some future money opportunities.

If you are asking yourself if you should put links going back to your social media sites in your blog posts, the answer to this question is simple - no! It is possible, but you need to remember that the traffic flows one way. This is a rule that can be applied for all social media sites, without exceptions. Let's say someone is interacting with your blog site and then off to the side is a link going to your Youtube or Facebook site. They click on the link, go to your site and get distracted by a new friend request or a new notification. Now their attention is gone and there's a pretty big chance they are not coming back.

Your way is the only way to run a successful online business.

Even if the whole world is telling you it's all about the number of followers, likes and shares, I'll be completely honest with you - it's not the most important thing.

Can you benefit from your social media sites? Definitely!

But if you are focusing on the creation of content that will be liked by a bunch of people, you will end up having many more followers, but you won't have a real audience. You want to speak and write about the things that make you happy. If you're writing a blog about photography, surfing, or hiking, you want to create a tribe with people who share the same interests.

I have invested a lot of money into my social media sites to reach more people and get more likes. To be honest, it was rarely successful. But once I decided to turn my business upside down and started to create honest, valuable and specific content about the things I enjoy doing, I was finally able to reach the audience I was looking for. Not for leads, likes or comments, but for respect, honesty, and excitement that gathered my tribe - the people who were looking for the same things.

And it's about time you start focusing on creating yours, without getting distracted by your social media.

Melanie Taylor, Derek Wolf
"People Like Us (do things like this)"

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