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Live your passion through blogging

Learn how to live from your passion through blogging.

If you've come across this website, it most likely means you have discovered what your passion is and now you are trying to find a proper way to turn your skills into a new source of income. Trust me, there is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than earning money by sharing your knowledge about the things you're passionate about!

With so many different "How to start blogging" pages out there, it can be extremely overwhelming and confusing to even get started. There are so many individual pieces and details that must be considered when building a new blog site, which can be very easy to get lost in. Before you think about quitting before you even start, I want to show you how putting a website together doesn't have to be complicated! You don't have to pay ridiculously expensive online courses to learn the basics and to gather knowledge that will help incorporate the right tools for your business opportunities.

I am not here to sell you another story about easy ways to make money. That's one of the first things you need to learn when it comes to online businesses - if it sounds way too easy, it's probably not worth it and is not fully true. At least not if you're thinking about building a long term, successful, and growing business. Having the right set of skills will put you on the right path, however, there is more that is needed to create your personal and rewarding website. Fortunately, I am here to show you how to build a successful and creative blog. Step by step.

One of my biggest advantages is that I have had the opportunity to fail multiple times, I have had to learn how to start over and learn from past mistakes, each time from scratch. I have bought and studied, read every single article, every piece of content that I could find, putting all of my time and energy into my online projects ending with less money than I started. Today I am able to use all of my ups and downs to share useful inside information, that way you don't have to make the same mistakes I did. I will be teaching you how to buy a domain name, how to pick the proper one, how to open an email account, how to protect your website, and how the whole world of social media works. That way you can make these sites work for your personal needs, instead of having it work the other way around. This will allow you to put all of your focus and energy into the creation of the content with the topics you're passionate about.

Many people have asked why I do this. I have traveled to many different places all around the world as a photographer. I have met so many wonderful people, who have had so much talent that ultimately left me speechless. Unbelievably talented painters, homemade soap makers, poets, and photographers all around the globe made me start thinking about ways to help them share their artwork and talents, with the goal they would be able to better share their skills with others. On one of my photographer trips, I had the honor of meeting this lady who was making horsewhips and nothing else (and what a skill that was!). I decided to show her how to turn her ability into a blog using my own skills and talents, and I am very proud to say that today she is paying her bills a lot easier.

That was the breaking point that kind of shifted the course of my online career. I had realized that helping others with their online businesses by sharing my own knowledge and experience, has ultimately become one of my greatest passions!

Blogging is not just about selling specific products. Once you start thinking outside of the box, you will realize that having valuable information or knowledge about any topic, can be turned into a source of income, if you are willing to put some time and energy into it. I can't promise you the exact amount of money you will make, but I can guarantee that once you learn how to create a website from scratch, it will open so many more opportunities and doors that were standing right in front of you but you sadly were missing.

The journey will be worth it and I'm happy to stand by your side each step of the way, so you can finally unlock your full potential and get to the other side of the door called success!

Melanie Taylor, Derek Wolf
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