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Step 2 Signing up with Google Blogger and Start Blogging

Create a New Blog

Let's go over several things before you get started creating a New Blog.

You are going to be uploading one of the many free blogger templates up to the blogger platform so that you can create your own blog for your personal or business reasons.

You can upload one of the many template designs and if it does not work for you, then you can just upload another template in its place. You are going to want to make sure that you always backup you're articles, widgets and template, in case anything happens. (click here to read the article/video on how to back-up your articles, widgets and template.)

Keep in mind that each template responds differently. Something that you may be doing with one template, may not work with another. You will recognize what works best for you.

One of the great things about each template is that you can drag and drop widgets around the template, and even though you and I may have the same template on our blogger site each will look completely different. You will get a better idea and understanding of that as we go. This is something that you will really enjoy about the blogger platform.

Okay let's get started.
Open your Gmail account (email program) and in the upper right hand corner see the 3 in a row 9 dots total. CLICK on those dots and the Google apps will open in a window. NOTE: The apps maybe in a different order and that's okay. You can click, hold down the click and drag the apps in any order that's best for you.

 FIND and CLICK on the orange box with the letter B. That's going to open the Blogger program.
"B" (that stands for blogger) and the next window is going to open.

Required Notice: Sometimes when you first start a blog this notice may show. Read this notice, this is to let you know that anyone reading your blog that Google is collecting information called "cookies" One of the many reasons that "cookies" are on each site is mostly for ad placement. Click on the X and close after reading.

Look to the upper left corner of the screen and see the words: "Create Blog" CLICK  on those words and now the screen will open.

NOTE: Okay, keep in mind that at anytime in the future if you want to you can come back and change the title of this blog. That way if you figure out later that you don't like the name you can change it. However for right now give your new blog a name.

2. Address: blogger is asking you for your address. This will be your URL on the Internet. This is the address that you will share so that other people can find you. If I use the name "Morning Coffee" and I am going to use the Google platform so the URL for my blog address is going to look like this. www.morningcoffee.blogspot.com

NOTE: Be sure to click "Save" to save your current information or it will be lost.
NOTE: if you do not use a custom domain name then your URL is always going to end with "yourname.blogspot.com" it is always going to have the ending blogspot.com unless you replace it with a custom domain name.
NOTE: adding a custom domain name is later on in the steps, but not now.
There is nothing wrong with you having the URL blogspot.com. So do not feel like you are not in the loop or in the game if you do not have a domain name. There are thousands of blogspot.com endings out there are very successful.

2a. Address: In the address bar type in the name of your blog. If your name has two words type it out as one word. Here's an example of mine: "morningcoffee"
The complete address would look like this: morningcoffee.blogspot.com
If by chance the name that I picked for the URL for the blogspot is taken, Google will either give you an alternative name, which you will see just below where you typed in your address name or you can pick another URL name.
Here's an example of the one I chose for "Morning Coffee" which was taken and rejected. So, I came up with a new name: morningcoffee17.blogspot.com

NOTE: The above photo is about setting up the name of your blog. What you are doing now is setting up your URL address. This is the address everyone will use to find you on the internet. You address would look like this: www.example123.blogspot.com
Remember in the near future you can change this URL address to a custom domain name. Click here to view the video. When you see "This blog address is available" be sure to click and save.

You have completed setting up your first blog, blog title and blog address. Now it is time to your free blogger template.
NOTE: Blogger has preloaded a template for you but you can change it at anytime to another free template. Just pick one and double click and blogger will auto save.

NOTE:  You're not obligated to that one template, and you can continue to pick different templates till you find the right one for you. You can do this the whole time that you have a blog. However, once you settle in on a design you will find there is not many reasons to change out the template. Especially after you have it set up the way you like.

This is where we're going to stop because the next step is about to begin. Read the article over again and or watch the video till you feel comfortable with how to set up your first blog. It is just a matter of time before you find yourself feeling like a pro and teaching others also how to blog

Janice Neuzil, Derek Wolf
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