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How to sign up for a Gmail account

Signing up for a Gmail account.

1. This is a Google link where it all starts for you. Once you open the Google link. Save it to your file or favorites as you'll be using that link again in the future. "Create an account"
Or, we'll have it here for you when you're ready.
NOTE: Once you open the page CLICK on the word "Create an account" and another page will open.

2. Once you click "Create an account" this is what your next window is going to look like. Here's the link to this page. "Create your Account"
Here's the steps:
1. First name
2. Last name
3. Username ( Give your username some thought. It's a name you're going to be using for opening other accounts with. NOT all accounts. just some. We'll talk about that in another article.
note: You will be opening other Gmail accounts for security reasons. So, be consistent about your first and last name. Be truthful is the best thing. you'll see why in another article.

4. Password: Having the best password is going to be the most important thing that you probably ever do the Internet. Do not type in some quick passwords that you are going to come back later and change. No, take the time, do it right, only one password for this account, do not use this password for other accounts.
note: do not copy and paste your password into the confirm box. Don't do it.
5. Once you've created your password then click next.

3. Once you click the "next" button the next screen is going to be "Verify your phone number"
This is optional click "Next"

4. Welcome to Google
You will see your new email address in the upper left corner of the open window.
note: there's an area asking for a "Recovery email address" (optional) my suggestion is to add a recovery email if you have one. If not, then this will be your starting email address. Remember to protect yourself when it's offered with Google.
 1. Phone number (optional)
2. Recovery email address (optional)
3. Birthday (listen, keep it real) If you put a fake birthday there's nothing worse than forgetting what you put.
4. Gender
Then click "Next".

5. Privacy and Terms
This is important information that you to know. Read and Agree.
Click: "I agree"

Congratulations you have just signed up for your first Google Gmail email.
Time to set up your gmail email preferences on your gmail account. (click here)