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Step 1: Set up a free Google Gmail account (if you don't already have one)

Your first step will be to create a Google Gmail account if you don’t already have one. You may be asking, “Why? I just want a blog.” Think of Gmail as your starting point, your key to opening the door to the world of Google and its many other doors to services for your use, such as obtaining a free hosting account with Google Blogger where you can host your own blog without having to pay any hosting fees.  (continue reading)

Step 2: Open a free Google Blogger account

This will be easy for you because Google already has a lot of your information that it needs from when you opened your free Google Gmail account. Take a look at our article and video about opening your free Google Blogger account.  (continue reading)

Step 3: Select a blog template with theme preferences.

Although Google Blogger templates are free, we at IncomeBloggerSchool.org recommend purchasing one of our custom blog templates. These are the reasons why we recommend using our custom templates: (continue reading)

Step 4: Purchase and load your IncomeBloggerSchool.org custom template..

Complete the following steps to purchase your custom template from our online store at IncomeBloggerSchoolShop.org: (continue reading)

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